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LAPD’s Cop Killer Wrote a Facebook Manifesto Warning of the Shootings

Christopher Jordan Dorner is the former cop/alleged cop-killer that has mobilized the Los Angeles police force over the past few days on a truly epic manhunt to bring him down (and has resulted in the police shooting two unarmed Asian women they thought were him). It turns out, he actually telegraphed the murders on a lengthy, meandering, half-compelling, half-bizarre Facebook post accusing the LAPD of some very serious corruption. Dorner’s accused of shooting three officers and killing two others over the weekend, but he tells some very unsettling stories that, in his mind, warranted his own brand of justice. Whether they’re the ramblings of an unhinged killer or the righteous manifesto of a vigilante, they do make one wonder why, if this screed has really been on the Internet for a few days, wasn’t anyone on the lookout? …

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