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At Least You Didn’t Drop a $77,000 Bottle of Cognac

A man in a London restaurant asked to see a bottle of the recently acquired Cognac Clos du Griffier, a cognac from 1788. You might expect that a vintage that was bottled while the ink on the Declaration was still wet would cost a a lot, but even so, we can all agree that we did not expect it would cost $77,000. But that’s what it cost, and the cognac’s new owners were planning on using it to craft the world’s most expensive cocktail for Guinness World Records next week. Except, when they pulled the bottle out to show a customer who was anxious to see it, the customer accidentally knocked the bottle out of the server’s hands, shattering it, remarkably not sending him into a catatonic shock but almost certainly ruining his day. So, although you are undoubtedly facing your own challenges today, take a little comfort in the fact that you did not break one of the world’s most expensive bottles of anything …

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