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At Least You Don’t Have A Politican’s Logo Tattooed On Your Forehead

Chances are, you’ve got some worries on your plate. Maybe you’re not sure how everything you need to accomplish at work will get done. Maybe your car is making a weird noise that sounds expensive. Maybe you’re in the path of a catastrophic cyclone of terror. In these times, it helps to know that, if nothing else, you haven’t accepted $5000 from a stranger on eBay to tattoo Mitt Romney’s logo on your forehead. That claim goes to Eric Hartsburg, a professional wrestler from Indiana, who sold his forehead on eBay to the highest bidder, and that bidder had him tattoo Romney’s trademark “R” on his own head. Which he did, because, as he told ABC 57 “You only live once, and I was born with a forehead, so why not?” which is sort of a new spin on the YOLO philosophy. So, cheer up. Face your day with the comforting knowledge that your head is (presumably) political-tattoo free …

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