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Lebanese Young People Launch Selfie Protest after Car Bomb Attacks

Following two recent car bombings in the city of Beirut, young people throughout the country of Lebanon have launched an online “selfie protest” to bring awareness to the growing violence. The #notamartyr” campaign was sparked after a 16-year-old, who had taken a selfie with some friends just moments before an explosion went off, was killed in a car bombing targeting a politician. An Al Qaeda affiliated group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has claimed responsibility for the most recent deadly bombings, that are believed to be related to conflict in Syria. BuzzFeed has compiled this list (warning, the page also contains a graphic image from after one of the bombings) of protest selfies from young people throughout Lebanon. In a Facebook post, the campaign’s organizers released a statement saying, “We are victims, not martyrs. We refuse to become martyrs. We refuse to remain victims. We refuse to die a collateral death … And we have dreams for our country. We know we are not alone” …

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