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Let’s Try to Save the Nation’s Oldest General Store

If you’ve ever wanted to go visit the nation’s oldest general store, you’re going to have to do it soon. Gray’s Store in Adamsville, Rhode Island is closing shop this Sunday, after 224 years in business. The owner, Jonah Waite, inherited the shop last month after his father died, and says that he doesn’t think that the shop is sustainable, since the fancy new supermarket down the street has been taking all their business and, come on, Adamsville. You’re going to let the Whole Foods (or whatever) force this living piece of history out of business? You’ve got a great set-up for a heart-warming Lifetime Original Movie on your hands here. All that remains is for the uplifting finale where you all show up on the day Gray’s Store is supposed to close and save the shop. Your move, Rhode Island. A nation is watching you …

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