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This List of the ‘Hardest Working Countries’ Will Put Your Income into Perspective

CNN Money recently compiled this list of the hardest working countries in the world by examining data about how many hours citizens work annually on average, and what the average annual wage is. If you live in America, this list should give you some perspective.

Mexico topped the list, with employees working an average of 2,317 hours a year, making less than $10,000. People in Chile (whose average annual wage is $15,820), Korea ($35,406), Estonia ($17,323), Russia ($15,286) and Poland ($20,069) all work more hours than people in the United States do and earn considerably less. In the U.S. (which was the seventh hardest working country in the world), workers put in about 1,800 hours per year and average $54,000 a year in income …

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