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London Mayor Boris Johnson Gets a GLOLd Medal

As part of a publicity stunt for the Olympics, London Mayor Boris Johnson ziplined down to the public from atop a tower. Except, he didn’t quite make it all the way down, getting stuck some 20 meters from the ground, decked out in his suit, his helmet and a couple of Union Jack flags for company. Let’s take a moment and appreciate how perfect this is. The mayor, long regarded for being a good sport, took the whole thing in much better stride than his zip line did, waving his flag at passers-by, shouting at people to find a ladder and leading cheers for the UK’s gold medal-winning rowing team. It’s a good life lesson for all of us. Sometimes, your big moment gets sidetracked by things outside of your control. You can either complain about it, or you can wave your flags and laugh it off. Both are options, but only one will turn you into an Internet meme

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