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A Look at Where Products We All Use Are Made with Slave Labor

Economics news site Quartz has created this map showing what countries are responsible for producing products made with slave labor. The world map uses data from the Walk Free Foundation’s recent Global Slavery Index to showcase where most of the world’s slaves live, and in this article, tell about what products are produced in the regions. According to the report, in China unpaid prisoners are made to manufacture disposable headphones used in airplanes, and labor camps produce designer handbags and electronics. Tech companies are now facing international pressure to report details about their supply chains after reports have surfaced about many of the minerals used in smartphones originating from forced-labor at mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report also found that a large portion of the world’s chocolate may have been created with child labor. You can go here to see more from the report about what-every-day products are created with slave-labor …

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