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A Lottery Winner Died of Poisoning the Day After He Collected His Jackpot Check

Urooj Khan, a 46-year-old dry cleaner owner, was a Chicago man who seemed like the sort of guy you’d want to win the lottery. When he scratched off the winning ticket at a 7-11, he gave the cashier a hundred dollars on the spot. He had plans to donate a big chunk of his million dollars to a children’s hospital. But the day after he collected his check, he was found dead in his apartment, with no sign of trauma. Chicago authorities didn’t see anything fishy about a brand new millionaire just up and dying for no reason and ruled that he passed of natural causes. It was only after his bereaved family pushed that they took another look at the case and, yesterday, ruled that Khan had, in fact, been poisoned with cyanide. So, Chicago’s got a murder mystery on its hands …

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