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A Man Burned His Neighbor’s House Down Because the Grass Was Too Tall

“He was actually a pretty good neighbor up until last week. And then he just went complete psycho.” That’s how Marty Corbitt described Phillip Roger Bennett, who is both his neighbor and the man responsible for burning his house to the ground because he didn’t like Corbitt’s unkempt lawn. Well, Mr. Corbitt, one man’s “psycho” is another man’s “very concerned about his community’s brand.”

Corbitt told police that Bennett had slapped and shouted at him the day prior to the arson, telling him to mow his yard. And when Corbitt didn’t act on that command quickly enough, Bennett took matters into his own hands. He’s currently on the run, and authorities consider him dangerous, probably because he burned someone’s house down over a yard dispute. Here’s a video of the interview with Corbitt, and if you can keep it together when Corbitt’s three-year-old daughter, Kylie, says “the mean man burned my house,” you’re made of sterner stuff than most …

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