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A Man Is Suing NYC After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned for 25 Years

In 1989, Jonathan Flemming was accused of murdering 22-year-old Darryl Rush. Flemming said he was at Disney World with his family. The courts didn’t believe him, and Flemming has spent the past 25 years in jail. But last week, an Orlando phone receipt turned up that proved Flemming was where he said he was, and now he’s a free man. And he’s a free man who’s suing New York City for $162 million. From the Associated Press:

That’s according to a lawyer for Jonathan Fleming, who spent nearly 25 years behind bars in the case. Attorney Taylor Koss says he filed what’s called a notice of claim Tuesday with the city comptroller’s office. The notice is a first step toward suing the city.

Investigators found the phone receipt (along with testimonies from Orlando hotel staff who remember Flemming) in Flemming’s court file, where they’d been sitting for the past quarter-century …

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