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Man Tries to Swim From France to America Using the Power of the Olympic Spirit

Many of us can relate to the plight of a British man in France who, over the weekend, got such an extreme case of Olympic fever that he announced he was going to swim to America and jumped into the ocean to do just that. His friends thought he was joking, until he swam out of sight and they had to send a helicopter after him. The helicopter had a diver on board who jumped into the ocean with the man to try and explain that America was, actually, a pretty long swim and even the Olympic swimmers would probably have a tough time making that particular trip and, well, who knows what exactly was said to the man to convince him to turn around, but the important thing is that he’s now safe and sound, back in France. Just another reminder that, no matter how filled with Olympic spirit you get, remember that you are not technically an Olympian and, even if you are, you can’t swim across an ocean. You wouldn’t think anyone would need that reminder but, apparently, Olympic fever is pretty intense this year …

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