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Mao’s Birthday Is Bigger than Christmas in China

This week in China, people from around the country are gathering to celebrate the birth of a revered figure, and some will even bow to worship him. This person is of course, Chairman Mao. The Telegraph has posted this interesting and somewhat disturbing feature—titled “In China, Chairman Mao still bigger than Jesus”—about the cult of Mao that still enraptures much of China. Today, on Mao’s 120th birthday, hundreds of thousands will descend on Mao’s home village to celebrate the controversial communist leader’s legacy. There, the day is a really big deal. Lines of the article like: “A train of 120 camels, like modern-day Magi, trekked a thousand miles from the deserts of Inner Mongolia to the village as a publicity stunt” and “The managers of the hall thoughtfully placed three cushions on the floor [around the gold, $20 million Mao statue], embroidered with lotus flowers, for people to fall to their knees,” also show that more than just a day of national remembrance, in some parts of the country, the legacy of Mao has almost turned into a religion itself …

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