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Meet Left Shark: The Hero of Super Bowl XLIX

Most people agree that human lollipop and accused Christian rap plagiarizer Katy Perry delivered on her Super Bowl Halftime Show in fairly spectacular fashion, and absolutely everyone agrees that credit goes to one person. No, not Lenny Kravitz, although his licks were as sick as ever. No, not Missy Elliott, although it was very good to see her again. No, the true hero of the Halftime Show and MVP of the entire Super Bowl was a creature the Internet has dubbed Left Shark, the dancing predator stage right of KP, whose soul knew how to dance even if his body did not. Right Shark clearly knew the dance moves but Left Shark was feeling a deeper, purer rhythm, and by the time Perry flew away on her NBC “The More You Know” star, Left Shark was already flying into the hearts (and memes) of Americans everywhere. Thank you, Left Shark, for your service. You’ve done your part. Rest now, brave saint …

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