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Michelle Obama Shuts Down the Hecklers

Recent FLOTUSes have not been known for being particularly fiery, and Michelle Obama wasn’t an exception. But she’s getting attention today for addressing a heckler at a private fundraiser. The heckler in question, an LGBT advocate, interrupted Mrs. Obama’s speech to demand equal rights for same-sex couples. “One of the things I do not do well is this,” Mrs. Obama responded, drawing cheers from the crowd. According to reports, she then got off the stage, faced her heckler, and said “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving.” The woman, Ellen Sturtz, beat Mrs. Obama to it—and either left the room or was escorted out, depending on whose version of the events you read. There’s full audio at this link.

Her response is drawing a predictably mixed reaction. The Christian Science Monitor says the incident shows “Mrs. Obama still has stuff to learn about public speaking.” Salon, on the other hand, called it “flawless” …

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