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Mitt Romney Has Invented a New Way of Blowing Out Birthday Candles, and We Respect It

It was recently Senator Mitt Romney’s birthday. To honor the occasion, his staff did what many people do when recognizing someone’s special day: They covered a delicious baked good with lit candles, and sang “Happy Birthday.”

What happened next has shaken the internet.

Instead of leaning over the candles and blasting the entire surface area of the cup cakes with germs and hot breath, he invented a new method of blowing them out entirely.

As any good leader would do, he sacrificed his own well-being by removing each flaming stick of hot wax with his BARE HANDS, and blowing each candle out individually.

In a climate of unprecedented partisanship, let us set politics aside and come together to give respect where respect is due.

Well done, Senator.

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