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Mom Buys Every Single ‘Indecent’ Shirt at PacSun So Nobody Else Can

Look. There are certain outlets calling Judy Cox—a mother who was shocked at how suggestive some t-shirts in a Utah PacSun were—a prude. And, sure, on a global scale, this may not be quite the best way to go about engaging the issue of sexually themed clothing aimed at teenagers. However, on a limited scale, there’s no denying that there’s something appealingly rogue about how Mrs. Cox went about solving her problem—by purchasing every single shirt she found offensive in the entire store so nobody else could, and planning to return them all one day shy of the 60-day return policy limit. It cost her $567 and she’s saying it was worth it. “These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall,” Cox told The Associated Press

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