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57% of Protestants Say They Prefer to Go to Church With People Who Share Their Politics

Unfortunately, churches aren’t known for unity. Pick any number of culturally divisive issues and you’ll find a similar split in the church, and that goes for politics too.

According to a new study from LifeWay Research, 57% percent of Protestants under 50 say they prefer to go to church with people who share their political views.

“Like many places in America, churches are divided by politics,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research told Christianity Today. “And churchgoers under 50 seem to want it that way.”

They want it to varying degrees though. Just a third of respondents had strong feelings on the issue, with 12 percent saying they “strongly agreed” with the statement “I prefer to attend a church where people share my political views” and 22 percent strongly disagreeing. “Politics doesn’t seem to be a high priority for most Protestants when choosing a church to attend,” McConnell told Christianity Today. “But for a small group of churchgoers, it’s really crucial.”

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Interestingly, older Protestants seemed less divided. Just 39% of Protestants 50 – 64 agreed, and only 33% of Protestants 65 and up agreed.

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