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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: Churches Helping Resettle Refugees Are Being Controlled by Satan

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: Churches Helping Resettle Refugees Are Being Controlled by Satan

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sat down for an interview with Michael Voris, a Catholic activist with Church Militant, to talk about their various issues with the state of the American Church and the current government. While there, Taylor Greene let fly a number of quotes that are pretty startling even by the high bar she has set for herself as one of the most high-profile elected Christian leaders on the far right.

“What it is, is Satan’s controlling the Church,” Taylor Greene said when asked about churches that are helping resettle undocumented immigrants and refugees. “The Church is not doing its job, and it’s not adhering to the teachings of Christ, and it’s not adhering to what the Word of God says we’re supposed to do and how we’re supposed to live.”

Bold claim! But she follows it up with an unpacking of her beliefs, which you can watch in full.

“What they’re doing by saying ‘Oh, we have to love these people and take care of these migrants and love one another! This is loving one another!'” she says sarcastically. “Yes, we’re supposed to love one another, but their definition of what love one another means, it means destroying our laws. It means completely perverting what our Constitution says. It means taking unreal advantage of the American taxpayer. And it means pushing a globalist policy on the American people and forcing America to become something that we are not supposed to be.”

Taylor Greene has drawn a good deal of attention for her incendiary statements, which often paint immigrants and refugees as “armies” “invading” the U.S., siphoning tax dollars away from American citizens. Recent investigations show that in the days leading up to the inauguration of President Joe Biden, she texted then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, urging him to have former President Donald Trump declare martial law and overturn his 2020 election loss. “I just wanted you to tell him,” she texted on January 17. “They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next.”

In the conversation with Voris, Taylor Greene suggested the Catholic Church should support a halt on U.S. relief aid to Central American nations in retaliation for the “X number of thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of people to illegally invade our country as if they’re an army.” The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are about 1,111,000 Guatemalan-born people living in the U.S. “They may not have guns, but they’re the numbers of a regiment of an army. We won’t be able to send you your foreign aid until you bring your people back.”

“The bishops of Catholic relief charities and services, they should be all in support of that,” Taylor Greene added. “If the bishops were reading the Bible and truly preaching the word of God to their flock and not covering up child sex abuse and pedophilia, loving one another would have the true meaning and not the perversion and the twisted lie that they’re making it to be.”

Even among Christians, there is a good deal of debate over the best U.S. policy for resettling immigrants and refugees. But the Bible is extraordinarily clear on the general principle of welcoming immigrants and strangers. Jewish law is replete with commands to treat foreigners with love, and reminders that the Jews themselves were once foreigners in Egypt. In the New Testament, the writer of Hebrews cautions readers to “not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

Christians of good conscience might disagree on the best way to do this. Taylor Greene clearly does. But “controlled by Satan” is an extraordinary claim to level at Christian organizations attempting to welcome immigrants and refugees.

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