The Heresy of Nationalism







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  • The arrogance and self-righteousness in this article is pretty incredible. Plenty of people who read the “actual words of the Gospel,” as the author(s) of this article suggest, find reason to believe that God happens to love America *along with* all the other nations of the world. “From one man, He made every nation of men to inhabit the whole earth; and He determined their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their land” (Acts. 17:26). God has a purpose for each nation, including America, and many Christians in this nation (as well as in other nations) recognize this and are concerned and praying for it (as well as praying for other nations because America is not more loved than they). Some people may worship this nation, but do not conflate care for this nation with some sort of grotesque nationalistic idolatry. To do so with such a broad brush as you do here is irresponsible, smug and also undermines the cause for interceding for this nation. It is exactly the lack of prayer in Church in America that has lead to its present social conditions. Reasons for prayerlessness include presumptive nationalistic idolatry on the part of some, but sadly also because of basic biblical ignorance in the camps of others because the New Testament admonishes us to pray for our rulers and governments, right OR left, whether you like them or not. You, Relevant Magazine “Staff” writer, are as guilty of what’s happening in this nation as the person you condemn with your words if you have not gotten on your knees with some semblance of regularity to pray for this nation that has God-given purpose (as all nations have).

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