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National Treasure Alert: Time Capsule Buried by Paul Revere Was Just Dug Up in Boston

What sort of secrets did Paul Revere and Samuel Adams want us to know? What kind of hidden codes did they inscribe on the inside of a cigar box before encapsulating it in the brick that was used as the cornerstone of the Massachusetts Statehouse?! Soon we will know the answers: Officials in Boston have unearthed a time capsule first buried in 1795 by the patriotic duo, and they plan on performing a series of X-rays on it this weekend before opening it. Obviously, at that point we will finally know the true, hidden history of the founding of our nation. The 220-year-old box has only ever been dug up once before in 1855, when the contents were put into a new, more sturdy box and once again encapsulated in the brick. We all know how this is going to end

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