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New NBA Jerseys?

If you happen to be watching the Golden State Warriors game next week, you might find yourself asking, “Is this an NBA game or some sort of Tour de France winners’ charity basketball game?” That’s because the Warriors will be debuting their “revolutionary” new fitted, sleeved jerseys. Sure, traditional basketball jerseys are culturally ubiquitous fashion staples, beloved by fans and athletes alike for their iconic tank-top look and baggy fit. But why not completely change everything about them for no reason? Obviously, these new high-tech jerseys have their benefits: Should NBA basketball games suddenly be played outdoors for some reason, the sleeves can protect players from the elements. If a player decides to ride his bike to the game, his uniform can serve as a cycling jersey. If players want to go boogieboarding during half-time, the fitted tees will make perfect rash guards. We just all need to keep an open mind here and see the big picture …

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