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A New Nightmare Study Suggests the Universe Is One Big Hologram Or Something?

Look. We’re no scientists over here. We just report the news as it happens, and the news today happens to be utterly bonkers. Strap yourselves in, because this one gets a little wild. It turns out that, back in 1997, a few scientists proposed a theory that this universe is actually just a projection of an actual universe. Just a normal theory that any normal, thinking person would come up with. It’s such a normal theory, in fact, that it actually gained some steam in the scientific community—seeing as it resolved a few otherwise irreconcilable differences between Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum physics.

So, OK, anyone can write up a theory about our entire reality being another reality’s hologram, but so what? Well, scientists in Japan are now saying it’s more than pure conjecture. They’ve run a few tests which they describe using words that would make your head spin, the results of which, according to Nature, are “compelling evidence” for the idea. Huh. So this whole universe might just be a dim reflection of an actual, more real reality than our own? Where have we heard that idea before …

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