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New Study: Third-Hand Smoke Is as Dangerous as Actually Smoking

In case you still had any doubts, this study should confirm that smoking is really, really bad for you—and the people around you. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside looked at the effects of third-hand smoke (the surfaces and objects that have been made toxic by exposure to cigarette smoke) in mice, and found that it’s just as dangerous as actually smoking. The lead researcher explained, “We found significant damage occurs in the liver and lung. Wounds in these mice took longer to heal. Further, these mice displayed hyperactivity.” They noted that prolonged contact with rooms, cars and objects that have been contaminated by cigarette smoke can lead to higher risks for neurological disorders and type II diabetes. In other words, don’t smoke. Also, if you are ever invited to the office of Don Draper, you may want to decline. According to this research, the place is basically a death trap …

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