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New York City Banning More Soda Sizes

On March 12, New York City’s war on soda will strike again. Currently, the city prohibits the sale of single-serving colas larger than 16 ounces, but starting in a few weeks, the law takes aim at pizza places. According to the totally rational legislation that makes complete sense, pizza delivery restaurants will no longer be allowed to deliver 2-liter bottles of soda with orders. (Six, 12-ounce cans? Well, that’s perfectly legal.) Also, sorry Chuck E. Cheese fans. Pitchers of soda will also be outlawed. Because, as anyone who has ever visited a Chuck E. Cheese knows, those 60-ounce pitchers are clearly designed for one individual child, and are never used as an economical way for families to provide beverages for all of the kids at the party. Mind you, this is the same city in which the Carnegie Deli, which is known for pastrami sandwiches larger than most small SUVs, is a world-famous landmark …

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