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New York Unveils ‘Texting Zones’ Along Highways

By now, we all know that texting while driving is a terrible decision. But, for those drivers who get a text message they just have to respond to while behind the wheel, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a solution—texting zones. Along New York’s highways, there will be 91 designated texting zones where drivers can pull off the road to send that message that just can’t wait, check an important email or post that hilarious tweet you just thought of. Technically, New York is just renaming existing rest stops and pull-off areas, but as Cuomo explained, “New York State is continuing to use every tool at its disposal to combat texting-while-driving.” The state has recently been cracking down on texting while behind the wheel. This summer, New York police wrote more than 21,000 tickets for distracted driving …

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