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Nigerian Capital Has Banned ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Protests

Nigerian officials are now making it illegal to hold protests in the nation’s capital to raise awareness about the nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram. The city’s police commissioner issued a statement claiming that the “Bring Back Our Girls” rallies are “now posing a serious security threat.” The news comes on the heels of widespread criticism of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan for mishandling rescue efforts.

For nearly a month after the kidnappings took place, Jonathan refused international help, even as Boko Haram engaged in more terrorist attacks in the country. Last week, the military said that they know where the girls are being held by Boko Haram, but are not capable of rescuing them with the use of force, because they don’t want to take the risk that the girls will be harmed. They have also said that they will not offer a prisoner release in exchange for the nearly 300 schoolgirls …

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