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Nightmare Is Over: The Staten Island Clown Was Just a Publicity Stunt

The nightmare is finally over. A horror movie studio called Fuzz on the Lens has revealed that they are the ones behind a terrifying clown that has been wandering the streets of Staten Island, terrorizing social media with its menacing glare and Stephen King villain-like demeanor for more than week. The group behind the publicity stunt issued a statement via Facebook saying that the prank isn’t connected to the promotion of an individual film, but just a way to get people talking about their studio: “We hope you enjoyed the circus and were at least at some point during the past two weeks entertained by the #SIClown … we appreciate all the support from everyone, who understood that the clown was just a joke, meant to give people something to talk about other than all the negative news in the world today.” Thanks, Fuzz on the Lens. Instead of discussing “negative news”, we were all busy worrying about a terrifying clown man that could be ominously waiting around every street corner …

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