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North Korea Continues Trend of Making Terrifying Statements

Ever been at a friendly get-together and someone suddenly says something wildly inappropriate during an otherwise civil political discussion? Well, that’s kind of what happened this week at a United Nations conference in Geneva. A debate got a little awkward on Tuesday, when North Korea suddenly threatened South Korea with “final destruction,” cryptically adding, “As the saying goes, a newborn puppy knows no fear of a tiger.” The statement quickly drew criticism from representatives of other nations present at the conference on disarmament, who were reportedly “stupefied” and questioned whether the statement alone was a breach of international law. It also led to questions of what constitutes a “well-known saying.” Poland’s representative even suggested North Korea’s participation in the discussion be limited. The North Korea regime recently undertook a nuclear test in what is believed to be an effort to force the United States into diplomatic talks regarding sanctions. The North Korean people are believed to be some of the most malnourished and impoverished in the world under the rule of dictator Kim Jong-un …

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