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North Korea Faxes Threat of ‘Ruthless Strike’ to South Korea

North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un evidently wasn’t very happy with recent demonstrations in South Korea, in which protestors burned his photo and rallied against his leadership. The protests took place on the anniversary of the death of his father, former ruler Kim Jong Il. He was so angry that military officials fired up the fax machine and sent a threatening warning to the South Korean government that they would “strike mercilessly without notice.” Despite the hostile fax, no North Korean military activity was observed. The authoritarian rule of the young dictator has been increasingly unstable; he recently had his own high-ranking uncle executed for unspecified threats to the government. The news comes at the same time that Amnesty International released new images that show that North Korea’s prison camps are growing at an alarming rate. They estimate that more than 200,000 people—including children—are housed in a sprawling system of gulags, and are regularly victims of unspeakable atrocities …

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