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North Korean Officials Intimidate U.K. Salon Owner Because of Joke about Dictator’s Hair

You may remember a few weeks back, when a likely-exaggerated news story came out, reporting that all the men in North Korea would soon be required to get the signature hair cut of dictator Kim Jong-un. A salon in London thought it’d capitalize on the ridiculousness of Kim’s regime by making fun of his haircut, with a poster advertising a new promotion. Evidently, officials from the North Korean embassy didn’t think it was very funny. According to the shop’s manager, two very serious men in suits, who indentified themselves as North Korean officials, came by and demanded that the poster be removed. Police in the U.K. confirmed to The Guardian that they had been contacted by both the shop owner and the North Korean embassy about the incident, but for now, the poster remains up at the shop. Even though the jab at Kim Jong-un was meant as a light-hearted joke, the dictator’s authoritarian rule in the reclusive country is very real—and very serious. Hundreds of thousands remained locked up in horrific conditions in secretive prison camps, and extreme punishment of anti-government behavior remains widespread …

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