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Now a Legislator Is Trying to Ban Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have become so ubiquitous they’re almost unfashionable when it comes to activities outside of actual yoga-ing, so it’s an interesting time for them to be commanding as much media attention as they are. But a post on Buzzfeed got the bloggers blogging and now, the legislators legislating. Montana Republican state Rep. David Moore is looking to tighten up legislation about what can and can’t be worn in public, and yoga pants are on his list. This comes on the heels of a nude bike ride last year that evidently upset several park goers, so maybe his law isn’t totally without merit, but it goes well beyond banning nudity and right to banning “tight-fitting beige clothing.” When asked if that included yoga pants, he responded “Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway.” He said he’d trust police to use their discretion when arresting people for tight-fitting clothing, however …

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