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NPR Found the Owner of a 20-Year-Old Homemade T-Shirt Found in a Kenyan Street Market

A few weeks back, NPR posted an interesting story about how old American T-shirts often find their way into African street markets. Along with the story, they posted a few images of the eclectic tees, including the one above, which features random cartoon characters dancing, with the words “Dancing with the toons … Jennifer’s Bat Mitzvah, November 20, 1993.” Thanks to some cyber sleuthing and the help of some enterprising listeners, NPR tracked down the original owner of the homemade shirts. Rachel Williams (who was friends with Jennifer 20 years ago), said that she found boxes of the shirts in her parent’s basement, and eventually had them donated to a charity organization. Like many clothes that are given to non-profits, the shirts were eventually sold off as part of a bulk shipment of clothes to distributors in African street markets. Rachel told NPR, “I would love for the shirt to continue to be worn, to continue to be used. I hope whoever’s wearing it is wearing it in good health and happiness” …

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