NPR Tweeted the Declaration of Independence on July 4 and Some People Flipped Out

Every year, NPR reads (and lately, tweets) the Declaration of Independence to celebrate the Fourth of July. It’s a time-honored tradition but, this year, for some reason, a truly depressing number of people took it the wrong way. The Declaration was, of course, a call to arms—a rallying cry to overthrow tyranny and establish a new government in its place.

Given that modern American culture is wildly politicized and all too often poorly informed, it’s perhaps not surprising that a lot of people interpreted the tweets as a publicly funded media outlet encouraging citizens to rebel against President Donald Trump.

Upworthy journalist Parker Molloy was the first to notice the trend.

A lot of people were just really confused.

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At least one guy was willing to own up to his mistake after he got called out on it. Live and learn.

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