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The Number of Unmarried Millennials Is Rising Sharply

More and more millennials are staying single.

Recent research from the Pew Foundation’s Stateline research project has found that across the country (literally every single state), the number of millennials—in this study, they are looking at people from 20-34—that are unmarried (and have never been married) “has risen sharply since 2000.”

The research also found that more and more unmarried millennial couples are living together in the last 10 years—but not at a fast enough rate to offset the number not getting married. Essentially, that means, as one researcher Pew talked to put it, “Increasingly, young adults are forgoing partners altogether.”

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Ironically, according to the research, millennials express just as strong of an interest in marrying as other generations, but are still delaying tying the knot.

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