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The Oldest Man In Australia Knits Tiny Sweaters for Penguins

Sit down and erase your “Favorite Person List” because you’ve got a new top entry. At 109 years old, Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date is the oldest man in Australia, and he spends his days doing what any decent-hearted person would do with the years God has given them: knitting tiny sweaters for injured penguins. It turns out that Date is something of a knitting master and was asked by two nurses to make some sweaters for penguins injured by oil spills. Their new sweaters keep the penguins insulated when their oil-slicked feathers can’t, so Date’s talents have been put to good use. Some 438 penguins were hurt during a 2001 oil spill and, according to the Philip Island clinic that uses Date’s sweaters, 96 percent of them were rehabilitated. Because of Alfred “Alfie” Date, the world’s greatest person …

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