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Police Stop Activists from Airdropping Copies of ‘The Interview’ into North Korea

South Korean officials stopped a group of activists who were attempting to airdrop thousands of copies of the Seth Rogen film The Interview into North Korea along with leaflets. The activist behind the campaign, Park Sang-hak, had explained to the AP back in December, “North Korea’s absolute leadership will crumble if the idolization of leader Kim breaks down.” The brutal regime of Kim Jong Un tightly controls all aspects of life in the reclusive country—including access to media. He has also placed scores of residents in secretive prison camps for alleged crimes of disloyalty against the government.

The controversial film depicts an assassination attempt on the dictator. Though police prevented the team from launching the balloons equipped with the media into North Korea, the head of the Human Rights Foundation told reporters, “The sun rises tomorrow. And we have a plan.” North Korea previously said that such a move would be an act of war and they would threaten to use “all the firepower strike means of the frontline units of the (Korean People’s Army) … to blow up balloons” …

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