Protestors Arrested in Ferguson Following Release of DOJ Report

The same day that the Department of Justice released a report detailing a pattern of racial injustice by the Ferguson police department, several protestors were arrested by officers. Last night, a group of protestors demonstrated outside of the Ferguson Police department, and though details are still unclear, according to multiple reports, police detained and arrested several people. A dispatcher refused to tell Buzzfeed News what any of the demonstrators were charged with, claiming the information was “private.”

Though the DOJ’s report did not recommend seeking charges against the officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown during a confrontation this summer, it did say that the department routinely violated the constitutional rights of black residents. Numbers from police reports show an overwhelming bias in how the police department subjected black residents to traffic stops, excessive force and harassment. There’s also indications that the behavior was partly motivated by an attempt to get money by forcing the victims of racial bias to pay legal fees. An investigation into officers’ email correspondence found several incidents of racists jokes and statements. So far, one city employee has been fired and at least three are on administrative leave …

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