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The Rams Are Giving $100,000 To Anyone Who Guesses Their Entire 2014 Schedule

If you’re in the market for $100,000 and think you have a good head for scheduling sports teams, then have the St. Louis Rams got a deal for you. They’re offering one hundred large to anyone who can guess all 17 weeks of their 2014 schedule. All you have to do is guess who they’re playing, where they’re playing at and what day they’ll play them on, and that cash prize is as good as yours. So, you basically have to be able to predict the future. You probably have better odds of getting picked to start in this year’s Super Bowl but, hey, you’ve got nothing to lose. In fact, the NFL has already supplied you with a list of which teams the Rams will definitely be playing in the regular season. All you’ve got to do is put them in the right order, and on the right days. Submit your guesses here

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