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Report: Russia Is Threatening a ‘Military Storm’ Against Ukraine

Things in the Crimea region appear to be getting extremely volatile. According to a report in a Russian state news agency, if Ukrainian military forces do not leave the disputed area by 10:00 pm this evening (which is 5:00 am in Crimea) they will be subjected to a “military storm.” However, a Ukraine Security Service spokesman told CNN that his country has not received an official ultimatum from Russia. The autonomous peninsula has been the scene of a sort of standoff between troops from both countries since the Russian-friendly Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted by pro-Western demonstrators last week …

UPDATE: A spokesman for the Russian Black Sea Fleet has said there is no plans for an attack and there is no ultimatum. However, the situation remains tense. President Obama said that Russia is in violation of international law for its recent military moves, adding “no country has a right to send in troops to another country unprovoked.”

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