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A School Came Together to Support a Student Who Lost His Mother

Texas high school football continues to show the world what community looks like. Dandric Piolet, who is just 17 years old, is a captain of his football team and popular student at Naaman Forest High School. A day after his mother tragically passed away, Dandric decided to go to school and play in that evening’s game. That’s when the community stepped in. When his classmates heard about what happened, they surrounded him in the hallway and prayed for his family. When a teammate found out about his friend, he wrote the name of Dandric’s mother, “Tasha” on his wrist tape. When opposing fans learned about Dandric that day, they decided to wear his number to the game. Even his brother and grandmother came out to the Friday night match-up and were blown away by the support for their family …

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