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School Decides Children’s Homemade Lunch Isn’t Healthy Enough. Gives Them Supplemental Ritz Crackers.

Well, here’s a fun story. Canada mom Kristen Bartkiw probably thought she was being a pretty good mom by sending her kids off to school with a tasty, healthy, homemade lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges and milk. That’s a better meal than you’ve probably seen in months, but it wasn’t enough to pass some stupid rule of the Manitoba Child Care Association, with deemed Kristen’s lunch “unbalanced.” According to the Association, the lunch was “lacking” in grains and so, this lunch was “supplemented” with a popular “grain” known as Ritz Crackers. Yes, that famed superfood so noted for its “grain-like” qualities was essentially forced into a meal of otherwise homemade food—which we might call, “actual food,” for shorthand. And then, for good measure, they fined Kristen $10—just to make sure she never again forces her children to endure eating Ritz again …

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