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Scientists Aren’t Sure Where Mysterious Outer Space Radio Signals Are Coming From

No one freak out, but scientists still can’t figure out what is sending strange radio blasts from deep within outer space. Using the massive Parkes radio telescope in Australia, researchers have discovered thousands of mysterious radio blasts that are being sent out every day. Scientists first discovered the strange blasts in 2007, but are still yet to determine where they are coming from or what they are. Some have theorized that they could be totally normal, non-threatening astronomical happenings like black holes eating entire stars. See, nothing to worry about. In a report in Science magazine, Cornell astronomer James Cordes said, “they could represent an entirely new class of source.” So don’t be afraid; no one has said anything about aliens. A “new class of source” could be anything, not just a terrifying race of hostile alien invaders seeking colonize earth …

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