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Scientists Might Soon Be Able to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

One of nature’s most famous animals may soon walk again. A team of scientist at Harvard is working on a “de-extinction” project, and say that within two years, they will be able to create a hybrid wooly mammoth embryo.

Technically, it would be a “mammophant”, because the DNA would be spliced into the DNA of today’s elephants, but would still have many of the traits we associate with the woolly mammoth: Cold-adapted blood, long fur, small ears, etc. The woolly mammoth hasn’t walked the earth for thousands of years.

Obviously, the prospect of creating a mammoth-elephant hybrid in a lab has raised some serious ethical concerns and the project, which will be discussed at this week’s American Association for the Advancement of Science, has it’s share of critics.

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But honestly, what could possibly go wrong?

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