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Second American Missionary Ebola Patient Is Back in the U.S.

American Christian missionary Nancy Writebol is back in the United States after contracting the Ebola virus while serving victims of the outbreak in Liberia. The virus has killed hundreds in and around the African country. Writebol was working on the same team as a doctor from the organization Samaritan’s Purse—Kent Brantly of Texas—who also became infected in the with virus. Brantly is also now back in the United States receiving treatment. Hospital officials are using extra precautions while caring for the duo, taking every measure to ensure the virus does not spread. As the AP notes,

Patients are quarantined, sealed off from anyone who is not in protective gear. Lab tests are conducted inside the unit, ensuring that viruses don’t leave the quarantined area. Family members can see and communicate with patients only through barriers.

Brantly’s wife Amber told reporters, “Our family is rejoicing over Kent’s safe arrival, and we are confident that he is receiving the very best care” …

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