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Secretly Adding a Few Cents to Your Bill Is a Small Price for Great Service, Says Chipotle

Chipotle, possibly America’s most universally beloved fast-food chain, is under fire for covertly rounding prices to the nearest nickel in some high-volume areas like New York and Los Angeles. The chain found that rounding prices moved lines along quicker, and they started implementing the practice earlier this summer without telling customers—until a keen-eyed New Jersey resident noticed his receipts weren’t adding up. When he asked the manager of his local Chipotle about it, he was told, “Oh, it’s a computer program. It is just rounding numbers. It takes a little from certain receipts and gives a little to others. What do you want? A few pennies?” But now that it’s made national news, a Chipotle spokesman has said the practice will continue but will always be rounded down instead of up. So your next burrito might cost two cents less. Every little bit helps …

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