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Study: Millennials Are Waiting Longer to Have Sex, 1 in 8 Still Virgins at 26

With analysts citing a “fear of intimacy” and pressure from social media, a study from the Next Steps Project with the University College London reports that millennials are waiting longer to have sex than previous generations.

The study reports 1 in 8 millennials are still virgins at 26 year olds, compared to 1 in 20 with previous generations. (h/t Telegraph)

“Millennials have been brought up in a culture of hypersexuality, which has bred a fear of intimacy,” Susanna Abse, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist (whew, what a title) with Balint Consultancy, told Telegraph. “The women are always up for it with beautiful bodies and the men have permanent erections. That is daunting to young people.”

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Yeesh. It sounds like the “sex everywhere” dynamic of pop culture has put so much pressure on young people that it’s actually repressed their desire.

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