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Stunning Aerial Photos Show the Differences Between Poverty and Wealth in South Africa

Photographer Johnny Millier has captured some absolutely shocking images that show the dramatic discrepancies between how differently rich and poor residents of South Africa live. He writes, on the Unequal Scenes site:

During apartheid, segregation of urban spaces was instituted as policy. Roads, rivers, “buffer zones” of empty land, and other barriers were constructed and modified to keep people separate. 22 years after the end of apartheid, many of these barriers, and the inequalities they have engendered, still exist. Oftentimes, communities of extreme wealth and privilege will exist just meters from squalid conditions and shack dwellings.

My desire with this project is to portray the most Unequal Scenes in South Africa as objectively as possible. By providing a new perspective on an old problem, I hope to provoke a dialogue which can begin to address the issues of inequality and disenfranchisement in a constructive and peaceful way.

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Images show crowded slums that back up to luxury suburbs; golf courses that border tiny homes and more. It’s stunning look at income inequality, wealth and poverty.

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