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The Sum of All Fears: 5-Foot Snake Found in California Toilet

How’s your day going? Nothing too troubling? No worldview-shattering news that will fundamentally change the way you live your day-to-day life? Well, hate to spoil that, but a five-foot snake was just found in a toilet in California. And if it happened in California, it can happen anywhere, and to anyone. In this particular instance, it was not your home, work or place of business, but instead a PR firm in San Diego. Evidently, one of the firm’s execs noticed that the toilet’s water level was high and took a plunger to it. And she “plunged” out a snake five feet long which promptly started slithering toward her(!). Animal control showed up and took care of the snake at the firm, but that’s just one snake. There are definitely more, and they could be anywhere, probably including your own plumbing system. Have a nice day …

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