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Surrogate Mother Refuses to Have Abortion Despite Genetic Parent’s Demands

CNN has posted this lengthy story about the legal battle surrounding a surrogate’s right to deliver her baby, even after the genetic parents requested an abortion when it was revealed that the child would have severe medical problems. At one point, the couple even offered the surrogate $10,000 to have an abortion. (Though she ultimately refused, the surrogate mother did admit that in a “weak moment” she countered their offer, looking for more money.)

According to the story, it was later revealed that the assumed genetic mother, actually used an egg donor, though her husband was still listed as the father. After weeks of legal battles, the surrogate mother (who is a single mom with her own financial troubles) fled to Michigan, a state the does not recognize surrogacy contracts, to deliver the baby girl and seek medical help. The birth-mother eventually found a family that cares for children with special needs, who were willing to adopt the baby …

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